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German Teacher

Instructor-Led Training Development

Increase Employee Skills and Learning Retention

Our instructional designers will work with you to help you improve your company's training and development programs by:


  • Creating performance based and measurable learning objectives

  • Designing memorable and engaging instructional materials

  • Determining the best instructional design techniques to use with YOUR business’s topics

  • Aligning your training goals with your audience, budget, and desired outcomes

Neat Computer Desk

Online Course Development

Train Your Employees Anywhere

Our instructional designers will help you improve or create your personalized, effective eLearning by:


  • Guiding you through the development process  

  • Aligning objectives with desired performance outcomes

  • Using the best eLearning technologies and techniques to engage your learners


eLearning Training Sample

Safety Training Module

This eLearning training sample was built using Adobe Captivate and Photoshop. To develop this module, I worked with subject matter experts (SMEs) to collect information, write course objectives, and establish content flow. I also produced the customized photoshoot to get the images you see throughout the course.

Business Meeting

Train the Trainer

Make Your Trainers Effective

We will deliver an effective Train the Trainer course to your employees. Our course provides: 

  • Real-world techniques and tools that your trainers can use immediately after the course ends

  • Instruction on how to prepare and present information most effectively

  • Practice with improving and delivering YOUR course materials

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