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Services for Job Seekers

Don't settle for an overpriced resume written by an inexperienced hustler attempting to take advantage of job seekers.


We have over 10 years of experience in resume and cover letter writing. We are ready to use that experience to help you get a new job.


Applying online? We know how to get your resume to the top of the application pile.


Applying in person? Your resume will be print-ready and visually impressive.


Choose a service and let's start right away.

The Get Me Out of Here Now Package ($300)

Ready to get SERIOUS about securing a new job? This package is for you.

Includes: a new resume, an impressive cover letter, and an updated LinkedIn profile. One round of revisions for each document is included.


The New Job, New Me Package ($225)

An updated resume and cover letter is your ticket to a new job. This package includes a new resume and impressive cover letter, tailored to 2-3 jobs that are right for you. One round of revisions for each document is included.


The Help Me Escape Career Coaching Package ($600)

Imagine talking to a knowledgeable and understanding friend about your job search..a friend who has the experience to tell you how to change careers or provide you with hard-earned wisdom. If that sounds nice to you, then consider this Career Coaching package:

  • 3 hours of customized career research

  • 3 coaching calls (up to 60 minutes each)

  • 1 new resume and cover letter

  • 1 new LinkedIn profile


The I Hate Writing Service ($50 an hour)

Just need a little help reviewing your resume and cover letter to make sure it is excellent before you apply to your dream job? Purchase this hourly review service.

Let's Work Together

Questions? Send me a message below.

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